An online tool that allows cattle farmers and vets to work together in the implementation of successful herd health management programs promoting better health and improved profitability.

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What Britain’s Vets Say

Since using Myhealthyherd, our farmers have become more interested and engaged with health planning. We find the vaccine planner and reminder system particularly useful to ensure busy vets and farmers don’t miss key deadlines!

Sarah Gay – Westfield Vets, Somerset


Latest News

  • Important Updates to the Health Planner

    In October 2017, there was a major review of the Dairy Red Tractor standards. To avoid non-compliance with your health plan the key areas to focus on are: Ensuring a colostrum policy is in place for calves A credible review of farm records with due discussion of BVD and Johne’s control A recommendation that waste […]

  • Pioneering bTB Trials Give Hope

    Myhealthyherd director, Dick Sibley, is using the principles that MHH uses for the control of infectious disease such as Johnes and BVD to improve TB management on a large dairy farm in Devon. In the same way as the MHH system for Johnes control looks at all the risks of entry and risks of spread […]