Herd health planning

The Health Planner allows vets and farmers to create dynamic, Red Tractor-compliant herd health plans that are simple to complete and update.

Structured and straightforward

The module is divided into 6 key areas – Health and Performance Monitoring, Priorities, Routine Management, Other Routine Procedures, Welfare Outcomes, Sign Off – that mirror the Red Tractor health plan template. Where compulsory information is required this is clearly indicated on the relevant screen.

Dynamic and proactive

Because the system is cloud-based, you can securely review and sign off health plans remotely if required.  Once signed off by the vet, a date-stamped copy of the health plan is saved in the Record Keeper leaving you free to update the electronic system throughout the year to review performance and set priorities.

Eases compliance

To help you keep on top of health planning, a reminder is automatically sent to the vet and the farmer a month before the next review is due and vets can also refer to a practice report which summarises when their clients’ health plans are due (or overdue!).