About Myhealthyherd

Myhealthyherd is an online tool designed to allow cattle farmers and vets to work together in the implementation of successful herd health management programs that promote better health for livestock and improved profitability for vets and farmers.


Myhealthyherd was developed in 2006 by two vets in response to BCVA’s decision to outsource the delivery of its health planning activities; Myhealthyherd was chosen as the preferred collaborator and produced a suite of web-based health plan templates.

As time progressed, it became clear that a written health assurance plan was not enough to improve the health of the nation’s cattle – a fundamental objective of myhealthyherd. As a result, the programme was significantly expanded to provide a range of modules that support a pro-active approach to herd health management on both beef and dairy farms.

Myhealthyherd is now used by more than 100 vet practices and has over 4,000 registered farms in the UK alone.

Adding value

Myhealthyherd brings structure to your health management program, using data analysis to provide a rigorous health planning and reporting system. But Myhealthyherd is not simply a number-cruncher. It is a sophisticated tool that can predict health problems and calculate profit opportunities, demonstrating the benefits of putting new plans into action on farm.

On the same page

With flexible user-types and access control, Myhealthyherd gives vets and farmers the opportunity to work collaboratively to achieve ‘best practice’ in animal and farm management, increasing productivity and reducing risk. You can view your Myhealthyherd account from anywhere, at any time, allowing greater flexibility when it comes to reviewing farm information and putting health-improvement strategies into place.

And because Myhealthyherd runs online, there is no need to install software, download updates or store back-ups – that’s all done for you automatically.

Key Modules