Modern health management requires a different approach, but with the right knowledge, tools and a well-planned delivery mechanism, herd health programs can be profitable for both your practice and your clients.

Adding Value

Myhealthyherd brings structure to your health management programme, using data analysis to provide a rigorous health planning and reporting system. But Myhealthyherd is not simply a number-cruncher. It is a sophisticated tool that can predict health problems and calculate profit opportunities, helping you to demonstrate to clients the benefits of putting your advice into action on their farm.

The Tools for the Job

Myhealthyherd offers a wide range of functionality to support successful herd health management programs on both beef and dairy farms, including:

  • Health Planner – simple to complete, update and review. A dynamic health planning system that is fully Red Tractor compliant.
  • Vaccine Manager – keep on top of vaccination schedules with a one page set-up and view.  Synchronise with the calendar in Task Manager and activate timely reminders and alerts.
  • Health Evaluator – compare farm data against achievable targets to calculate the recoverable losses or profit opportunities available through an improvement in herd health.

A Little or a Lot

Myhealthyherd contains a wide range of features and functionality, but there is no need to overwhelm your clients with every part of the programme all at once. Because Myhealthyherd has a modular structure, you can decide which sections of the programme are most beneficial at the outset and simply add in more modules over time

On the Same Page

You can view your client’s Myhealthyherd account from anywhere, at anytime, allowing greater flexibility when it comes to reviewing farm information and putting health-improvement strategies into place. And because Myhealthyherd runs online, there is no need to install software, download updates or store back ups – that’s all done for you automatically.

Meeting all your Practice’s Needs

Myhealthyherd provides a comprehensive herd health management system for both dairy and beef farms. And with sheep modules to be introduced in the near future, there is no need for practice staff to learn how to use and support a variety of different tools to accommodate different farm types.

Combined with unlimited users for each registered herd and an intuitive user interface, this means you can enhance your practice’s existing health management services with a single product and one easy-to-manage subscription.