Our pricing structure has been designed so that you only pay for what you use. Myhealthyherd adds real value to your business without adding significant costs to your bottom line.

Standard Practice Plan

A Standard Practice Plan costs £600 +VAT p.a. and provides:

  • Access to the surveillance and vaccination database for all clients, helping you to manage and monitor disease prevalence
  • Easy upload and storage facility for client reports

This includes access for an unlimited number of users, automatic backups and there are no additional set-up fees

If you would like to work with any of your farmers using specific, income generating tools such as the Health Evaluator and Health Planner, simply upgrade their service level to Client Plan for just £25 +VAT p.a.

But that’s not all….

We hope that you will actively encourage your farmers to use Myhealthyherd to support their health planning process. For each one of your clients that joins as a fully subscribed member, we will credit the cost of that farm’s Client Plan, giving you full access to every module for free!

This means that your practice has the opportunity to take advantage of all of the health and income-generating benefits of Myhealthyherd, for all of your clients, for just £600 +VAT p.a.

In summary:

  • Farmers have free access to the new health planner plus some additional great features
  • But for just £10 per month, they can become a subscribed member and upgrade to the full farmer site
  • For every one of your clients that upgrades, you get access to the complete suite of modules for that farm for FREE!


Why not get in touch to discuss how myhealthyherd can benefit your practice and your clients?

Or set up a myhealthyherd account for your practice and explore all of the features using the demonstration farm – it only take a few minutes and is absolutely free.