Practices across the country use myhealthyherd to support successful health planning on their clients’ farms; below are some of the testimonials that we have received.

“We continue to use MHH in our practice for herd health planning. It helps us to identify profit opportunities on our clients farms and so adds value to the health planning process which other herd health plans do not.

Furthermore, the vaccination and surveillance reminder service in the program has achieved what our practice management system has failed to do, in coping with the multiple vaccine sales through a year.”

James RussellDerbyshire Veterinary Services

“MHH provides an excellent template for herd health planning, making the process more efficient and user friendly. It is a great way to get farmer’s thinking about their disease status and biosecurity and provides good tools for interactive discussions.

Since using MHH, our farmers have become more interested and engaged with health planning. We find the vaccine planner and reminder system particularly useful to ensure busy vets and farmers don’t miss key deadlines!”

Sarah GayWestfield Vets

“We have used MHH for the last few years as our main tool for health planning for both dairy and beef clients, we have found it to be very user friendly.

It provides very useful profit/loss analysis allowing us to have some much needed communication with our clients to help them understand the areas of their business we can provide assistance with, it also provides them with an understanding of how health planning is more than just a paper exercise.”

Hannah Morrison, Broughton Veterinary Group

“We have used Myhealtherherd since its embryonic days and still find it useful for assigning disease status and surveillance planning.

We have also found it useful for Johne’s Disease risk assessment/management and setting up control plans.”

Andy Biggs, Vale Veterinary Group