Myhealthyherd provides the tools to help you improve productivity and profitability on your farm. Our comprehensive programme supports a pro-active approach to herd health planning whilst offering a range of complementary features that promote successful farm management.

Feature Rich

Myheathyherd offers a wide range of functionality to support successful herd health management programs on both beef and dairy farms, including:

  • Health Planner – simple to complete, update and review. A free dynamic health planning system that is fully Red Tractor compliant.
  • Vaccine Manager – keep on top of vaccination schedules with a one page set-up and view. Synchronise with the calendar in Task Manager and activate timely reminders and alerts.
  • Health Evaluator – compare farm data against achievable targets to calculate profit opportunities available to your farm through an improvement in herd health.

Turning Data into Information

Myhealthyherd takes data generated by your herd recording systems and turns it into meaningful information that helps drive decision-making and actions on your farm, leading to visible improvements in both herd health and business finances.

Promoting Successful Farm Management

Myhealthyherd provides a range of additional features including an interactive farm calendar with options for text and email notifications and a secure document system that makes it easy to keep all of your farm records in one, safe place.

Farmer Friendly

An intuitive user interface with straightforward site navigation and streamlined data entry saves valuable time whilst, in the background, a powerful database drives health and production management modules that will add real value to your farm.

Security Assured

Myhealthyherd is hosted on a centrally managed, secure server and only those individuals or organisations that are granted permission by you, the data holder, have access to herd-level information.